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Since I have fallen back into ‘training’, and I still don’t like to admit to myself that this standup paddle boarding caper is anything more than social, I’ve found I had to re-establish my eating back into a performance based diet and not to just maintain a weight.

I don’t consider myself a huge eater, I mean, I have seen other athletes down some pretty big meals and my husband easily out does me BUT I prefer to concentrate on not wasting the opportunity when I do eat with high quality, nutrient dense foods and not empty calories.  Something that is going to make me feel good rather than sluggish.

It is easy to muffle what your body is telling you when your unfit, not in tune with your digestive system and not really asking a lot of your body but once fitness starts creeping in and you can feel the difference between a good session and a bad one then that’s when the effort to nourish your body takes on a new level.

Personally I prefer to eat wholefoods diet than feel I need to supplement my diet. There are a few I include in my day, everyday that I have found helpful and lost without. These are simple to add to cereal and baking.

P9100170 - superfoods and supplementsWith the addition of my coconut roughs, nothing but healthy biscuits, wholesome dinners and protein packed lunches. this is mainly what I use (and olive leaf extract).

It was interesting though when I was contacted by Blackmores if I would like to talk to one of their naturopaths and see if there was anything they could see lacking in my diet that could very well be supplemented.  There does come a point where you can only eat so much and strenuous exercise can deplete your body’s stores more than the ordinary person.

Always open to suggestions I took up the offer and had a lovely chat with one of the naturopaths about my diet and lifestyle. I was already on the right track so it was suggested that I perhaps just look at taking a few supplements to boost my immune system that easily gets dampened by hard sessions.  Help to ward off the lovely guests my children bring home…

This is what was sent


Vitamin C 1000gm – to help with immunity and support system to fight off free radicals caused by exercise ( I take already)

Multivitamin –  just as extra security and a backup

Evening Primrose oil – to help with some worsening PMS symptoms since having kids…go figure!!??

Pain relief cream – containing comfrey to soothe this old body;)

Acidophilus bifidus – I self prescribed myself this one just to up the good guys in my digestive track.

So there wasn’t anything too drastic to change but I guess just a reassurance that I’m on the right track.  I did think this was good enough to share though and to let you know that you don’t have to be an elite athlete with a team of scientists behind you or feel lost in the vitamin isle

The Blackmores’ Naturopathic Advisory Service is free and provides three easy ways to get advice: via phone, online chat or a detailed email response to your query. You can call 1800 803 760 Mon – Fri (AEST) 8:30am-5:30pm and talk directly with a Blackmores naturopath.


Here’s a link to the website where people can click to chat or e-mail a Blackmores naturopath:

How cool is that, you would normally pay a good sum of money to see a naturopath and there is no pressure or commitment needed just advice or the chance to ask the questions.

This wasn’t a sponsored post, I was gifted these products without any need to share but thought it was good enough to pass on the word;)

So it’s your turn to share…what superfoods and supplements do you take and feel there is a difference?

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