4 fun & healthy ways to jazz up your kids lunchboxes

It’s the end of the week and just like us the kids are getting bored with their lunchbox contents.  As much as we try to keep things exciting, when the fridge contents are running low or time runs away, the hardest part can be simply packing..something!

Here are 4 healthy and simple ways to jazz up your kids’ lunchboxes.


1// Banana dog bites

banana-bites-660Simply spread a tortilla with peanut butter, add a banana, roll and chop!

2// Healthy cereal grain bars

cereal bars recipe updated

3// Mandarin snail


4// Tattoo a banana


With a toothpick simply make lots of holes in the banana skin or write a message.  As the skin begins to brown throughout the day the art will appear!

What are some novel ways you jazz up your kids’  lunchbox?


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