What to steer away from on the breaky menu

Heading down to your local café on the weekend for breakfast is one of life’s simple pleasures.  The aromas of bacon and eggs fill the air and it can take a lot of willpower to order the healthier options.

It is becoming easier to find healthier options on café menus and fresh fruit, vegetables and low fat proteins should be your first choice.  It’s not a nice feeling leaving a café and feeling stodgy all day because of a poor meal choice.  Something light and fresh will leave you ready to tackle the weekend with energy.

Here is a sample menu with traffic light colours highlighting the best (green) choices

breaky4 - What to steer away from on the breaky menu

This is actually not a bad menu, with plenty of healthy options.  Eggs, beans (homemade even better and lower in sodium), salmon and yoghurt are great choices for protein, as are  with oats, fresh fruit, tomato, spinach and avocado. Anything resembling hollandaise, croissant, panettone,  brioche,  sausage, hash, creamed eggs and crispy bacon should be viewed as treats because they really are just  fat laden and processed.

Poached and boiled eggs are great choices as are egg-white omelettes, because the whites contain all the  essential amino acids your body needs to nourish muscle and provide optimum  health – without the fat or cholesterol.  Scrambled eggs are ok, as long as the chef goes easy on the butter.  Avocado and  roasted tomato, offers healthy omega-3 oils.

Natural oats and wholemeal bread (hold the butter) are the way to go if your after wholegrains which are complex  carbohydrates and full of soluble fibre that will fill you up and help lower  cholesterol. Hello bircher muesli…

Ask for skim milk in your hot chocolate/coffee if your looking for a way to warm up and remember that smoothies and juices can contain just as many kilojoules as the meal itself so it’s best to choose one or the other.

Just be mindful of the portion sizes also, sometimes hot cakes can be the size of Mt Everest it doesn’t mean you have to eat it all, share it with the kids and save some money;)

What’s your favourite item on the breaky menu?  Do you have a favourite café?


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