Healthy ways to use your leftover red wine

red wine with heart - Healthy ways to use your leftover red wine
If you don’t mind a spot of red then you will probably have no problems finishing off the bottle but what if you only have a glass or two and don’t want it to go to waste?

Red wine is of course good for us in moderation, some like to take that moderation to the next level but sensibly a glass a couple of times a week with your meal has it’s benefits.  Besides having antioxidants, fermented foods are good for digestion and red wine is full of polyphenols.. in fact some red wines have more antioxidants than raw blueberries and even miracle fruits like Açaí.

Antioxidants ? .. Free radicals cause destruction of our body’s cells and antioxidants stop them. Recent studies have shown antioxidants reduce the risk of some diseases, such as heart disease and cancer.*

Wines with high antioxidants are the dark red wines. Since antioxidants come from the pips and skins of a grape, as well as contact with oak, you’ll find that full-bodied red wines aged in oak have the highest antioxidant properties. (see a list here) *

Anyways so if you have an unfinished bottle of red and don’t want it to go to waste, here are some ways to use the leftovers.

+ Use it in a dessert – for perfect winter’s night treat make these poached pears in red wine sauce

+ Add it to your lamb shanks

+ Make a special healthy version of bolognaise sauce

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+ You have to see them to believe them red wine burgers

+ Using pork and cherries as the mains, red adds a nice touch to this pork medallions with cherry sauce

+ How about an blackberry red wine chocolate cake? (it’s semi- healthy;)

+ Or simply just pour your leftovers in ice cube trays and save for when you do have time to prepare your red wine recipe

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