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It’s a problem many mother’s face once they have had kids..putting on weight and then not dedicating or finding the time to get back into shape. Bad habits creep in and all of a sudden something that was second nature such as working out seems a distant memory.

Today I’m sharing an inspiration story from Melanie who turned her life around to prioritise her fitness again and is again living and breathing a healthy lifestyle. (Then read on for a chance to win the program that helped her to shed the weight)?

Tell us Melanie what weight loss programs you have tried and why they failed?

I tried heaps of diets in the past – Body Trim, Tony Ferguson, Atkins Diet but I didn’t find the right fit for me until I started doing Shannan’s Challenges.

With the other programs I found that when I was following Body Trim and Atkins, I would get extremely moody, have headaches and felt really lethargic so I stopped them after a few weeks as I didn’t feel they were right for me. I also didn’t think I should be feeling that way and I’m not really a fan of not eating or really restricting certain food groups, which is what they did.

In regards to meal replacements, as soon as I stopped having them the weight would slowly come back on. I think also because I got a bit lax with exercise it contributed as well. None of these programs had a designated workout with them to get me moving.

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Why do you think Shannon’s fast track 8 week program worked for you?

The Shannan Challenge fit in with my lifestyle and got me the results I wanted.

For someone like me, juggling work, 3 children and part-time study, the detailed menu and exercise plans on the Challenge were ideal. Having everything all set out means there’s no excuses – you just do it.

The recipes were adaptable for my family, and easy to prepare. There were no expensive or hard-to-find ingredients either. We have several favourites on regular rotation.

Also the support of Shannan and the other Challengers was also invaluable. The online meetings were fun and I have made a great group of friends – people I’ve never met but who are likeminded. The personal involvement of Shannan through the meetings and Facebook was fantastic encouragement and it kept me accountable.

Can you give an example of a days’ worth of meals?

A typical day now is porridge with some fruit for breakfast with a coffee and green tea. Usually I have a snack straight after the gym and I find a piece of fruit best– either a banana or apple.

Lunch is either a salad and meat with a slice of bread (soy and linseed) or a sandwich – ham and salad or some wraps – rye mountain bread with a salad and meat filling.

My afternoon snack is usually some cruskits with avocado and tomato or some extra light philly cheese.

Dinner is chicken, fish or steak with vegies or a salad. Some nights I might have a small portion of spaghetti with a salad. For dessert I’ll have some Greek yoghurt and fruit, like strawberries or passionfruit.

Raising children and trying to fit in your own workout time can be tough. How do you make it work?
We all have extremely busy lives, especially when we have children. I am lucky enough now that my 3 children are all at school. So I usually do school drop off and then head to my gym to do my workout. I have to book my workouts in so it does keep me accountable.

Some weeks, like last week we had 2 sports days so I was only able to make one day to the gym and I did the other workouts at home. There are heaps of apps that you can have on your phone and a lot of the fitness ones only require bodyweight or little equipment and I love to do these to supplement my gym workouts.

Also, when the kids have sports training in the afternoon, my 2 girls play hockey and my son plays rugby league, I go for a run. I used to sit there and do nothing but now I go for a run, do some exercises in a circuit or help run the fitness sessions for the kids. I used to use the excuse I didn’t have time but it’s about making the most of the time you do have and sometimes it just means thinking outside the box.

Some afternoons after school when we don’t have any other commitments, I have a group of friends, (who I am also doing Tough Mudder with in August), that come over and we do a workout. Our kids run around the paddock and have a catch up and all the mums get their workout too. Involve the kids as much as you can. Sometimes I will do squats with the kids on my back or run around while piggy backing them, (not so much fun as they get older and heavier). As mine are a little older we sometimes have comps on how many reps everyone can do – my son is always asking if we can.

I’m sure there were times you felt like missing a workout or indulging in something you shouldn’t so what keeps you motivated?

I have before and after pictures always with me in a special folder on my phone – one look and that gets me moving.

Also, I know how proud my family is of the achievements I have made over the last couple of years and where I was is a place where I don’t ever want to return. If I was to return to my old sedentary lifestyle with unhealthy eating I would be disappointing not only my family but I would be cheating myself as well. The kids are pretty good motivational tools. They have come to learn a lot also during my journey and are quick to point out if there is anything a bit indulgent on my plate and always want to hear about my workouts.

Don’t get me wrong – I do occasionally miss a workout but I try to train 5 days a week and have an active weekend with incidental exercise. On special occasions I will indulge in a treat but I don’t let it become chance to slip into old ways and I get straight back into it the next day. Also, I have limited supplies in the house of foods that we shouldn’t be eating, like chips, lollies, chocolate, biscuits. If it’s not there to be eaten it won’t be. The kids do get treats but I prefer to make these myself.

What’s your favourite winter workout routine?

I loved the workouts when I was doing Shannan’s Challenges and I would change them up between the home and gym workouts. Now that I am continuing on my own I love my new gym that does functional type of training. I do 3 workouts there a week – 2 strength workouts and a hit workout– doing stuff like heavy weighted squats, box jumps, rope slams, kettle bell work, sled pulls and pushes.

As I said earlier, I am in training now for Tough Mudder in August, so I am loving getting my girlfriends over and doing our training sessions on our acreage. It’s great to train with friends because we all keep each other going. We do some different stuff in our work out, such as assisted pull ups, lots of push-ups, squats, lunges, burpees, tricep dips, bear crawls, sand bag runs, tyre drags and pulls, sledge hammer strikes on tyres and box jumps.

We are also looking forward to doing a beach boot camp during the school holidays. Beach running and just using equipment around us to do our workout like dips on a bench, box jumps onto a bench, jump overs on fences, step ups on pavers, running with logs overhead. The best workouts are these ones as we just make them up as we go along.

I also love doing a deck of cards workout. Give every suit an exercise and then you work your way through the deck. For example, a 10 of hearts might be 10 burpees. Face cards are worth 10 and aces 11 and the joker is a special one off. It might be like a 1km run. Some days I might do 2/3 exercises per suit depending on how much time I have available.

Another workout which is great for the mums is a folding washing workout. Different articles of clothing have a different exercise with a certain number of reps. For example, fold shorts and you would do 10 squats and then fold the next item of clothing and do another rep of something. The more particular you get the more exercises you can do.

 fit2 - An inspirational mum & Biggest Loser workout program giveaway
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