Olukai Maui SUP race 2013

P5120110 - Olukai Maui SUP race 2013
at the start in Maliko gulch

Well, part of our family holiday was to partake in some ocean races while we are here.  How could we not make the most of this trip without getting out there amongst it all!

Saturday saw me enter in what is quite possibly the largest downwind SUP race in the world on the island of Maui called the Olukai Maliko run and they sum it up beautifully by describing it as a “Celebration of the ocean and the cultures that surround it”.

P5120114 - Olukai Maui SUP race 2013

Last weekend was a prelude of sorts when I had my first taste of the Maliko run.  It begins at a gulch on the Northern side of Maui and finishes about 9 mile up the coast.  This place is all that because it simply is the windiest place on earth so as long as the wind is in your favor it is good times!
DSC02456 01 - Olukai Maui SUP race 2013
Molly and I paddling out to the start line and mens winner Connor Baxter on green board

With around 350 starters it was quite a site and I was pinching myself to just be there on the start line. I had been looking forward to this for quite some time.  My aussie friend, Molly was there with me and we couldn’t wipe the grins off our face!

DSC02474 01 - Olukai Maui SUP race 2013
paddling out to the start

It differs to Australian conditions as we don’t get the wind strength that is generated in Maui.  Board lengths of 14 foot usually suffice whereas over here 17 foot boards with rudder systems are seen as the bare minimum. I stuck to what I knew and choose to paddle the 14 footer, which goes super fast anyways.

DSC02446 01 - Olukai Maui SUP race 2013
The girls watching from the cliff

Apparently it wasn’t as good as it gets with the way the wind and swell were lining up but it was ok, tricky at times when there was refraction off the coast and coming in through the reef and waves was something I wasn’t really ready for…(the helicopter above me got some get shots of some crazy girl taking off on a huge wave and stacking it half way down).

DSC02554 01 - Olukai Maui SUP race 2013
Coming into the finish

I finished 4th overall female, crossing the line first female to paddle a 14 foot board so super stoked to only be a minute or so behind second place on the larger boards. The womens winner Andrea Moller is a machine and knows this coastline like the back of her hand! Now I know the course I just want to get back out there and do better, go faster, but that will have to wait and I might be lucky enough to return again sometime soon;)

DSC02624 01 - Olukai Maui SUP race 2013
The presentations

Thanks to Naish for supplying me with boards on our travels, it would have nearly made it impossible without you!  Now it’s over to Andrew and his turn to take on the ocean next weekend when he paddles across the channel of bones from Molikai to Oahu..YOLO and have a great week!x

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