4 Ways to do a Healthy Bread Less Sandwich

Sandwiches are great for throwing some of your favourite ingredients in between two pieces of bread and munching away. BUT if you’re looking for a lighter lunch, watching your energy intake or after gluten-free options, it’s easy to replace the bread and still feel like your having a sandwich… a sandwich without bread,… or is that an unwich?

4 Ways to do a Healthy Bread Less Sandwich

My favourite bread-less sandwiches

IMG 0226 - 4 Ways to do a Healthy Bread Less Sandwich

+ The lettuce burger – Instead of a big kilojoule dense bun try lettuce leaves instead. The outermost leaves that are unbroken work best and you can have as many as you want. You’ll be surprised at how much tastier a burger is when it’s not covered in a bun.

DSC01716 - 4 Ways to do a Healthy Bread Less Sandwich

+ Cucumber sandUNwichesI made them here. These are super yummy and have a nice crunch to boot. Lovely with low-fat cream cheese, chicken, tuna, tomato, relishes or avocado  Keep the skin on the cucumber so it stays in shape better and dab them with a paper towel before adding the toppings, that way they will be nice and crisp.

IMG 0949 - 4 Ways to do a Healthy Bread Less Sandwich

+ Rice cakes – My main lunch staple. Let your imagination run wild and create whatever takes your fancy. I can never go past avocado, tuna, tomato and sweet chilli. Tastebud explosion!

DSC01725 - 4 Ways to do a Healthy Bread Less Sandwich

+ Nori rolls – Quite often while the family is having Mexican tacos in soft tortillas, I’ll pop out the nori for myself and fill it up with lettuce, tomato, carrot and mince. It’s a low-carb, gluten-free option that’s full of protein and dietary fibre.

My other fave ways to enjoy a breadless sandwich

Cabbage leaves – Wrap them around vegetables, rice and mince then bake in the oven
Eggplant – Roast large slices of eggplant and use them to form the base and top layer of a sandwich
Rice Paper – Make rolls filled with lettuce, carrot, cucumber, coriander and seafood for an Asian-style lunch

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