Suitcase essentials for sore muscles

It can be difficult finding a good sports masseur while you are travelling overseas or interstate.  Once you find a ‘good one’ it’s like finding gold and you tend to get very fussy with what you expect from a good rub down. I ‘ve had the same one for the past 20 years!

Sitting on planes (awkwardly), adjusting to new mattresses and just plain staying stationary for long stretches of time all add up to stiff muscles and joints.  We all know this eventually leads to injury so it’s in our best interests to try and work out ways to overcome these problems when they arise.

At home you have your creature comforts to soothe sore, overworked muscles with heat packs, foam rollers, mats etc to assist with stretching out and relieving pain but these are not travel friendly for most suitcases.

I have narrowed it down to some simple but effective muscle massage tools that are easy to pack and can work into trigger points just as well as any good masseur. For home or on the road…

mate - Suitcase essentials for sore muscles

Muscle mate

This little contraption is a low density foam that shaped to effectively get into most trigger points for the prevention and treatment of myofascial pain.  It is amazing the relief you can get by just breathing through some sore points in your body and then feeling the muscle relax and let go of the tension.  It shows you here some examples of how to use it.

balls - Suitcase essentials for sore muscles

Two bouncy balls

These are taped together around the side and through the middle to act as a mini roller and for use down your spine and along your main muscle groups.  I am a little addicted to my foam roller (see here how I use it, and for some reasons only works in google chrome). But this is a great compromise and easily packs into your luggage.  I especially love laying on my side and working into the deltoids which releases all the shoulder rotator cuff muscles.

towel - Suitcase essentials for sore muscles

A rolled towel

For stretching out the thoracic spine and giving it a lovely freeing up, creating space feeling the rolled towel is the next best thing to a foam roller and you can stretch the joints in both ways shown as an example shown here

Then of course there is a theraband which is great to have on hand to assist with stretching and rotator cuff exercises and good old plain stretching.  Of course it’s not as relaxing as a massage as you have to actually do the work and adjust to the level of pain but sometimes you have to make do with what you’ve got and these definitely fit the bill!

What’s so good about your masseur? Have you been lucky enough to find a good one?

I wasn’t paid by anyone for this post, but just wanted to share with you my finds.x

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