Reasons why you need to get out of bed and workout

Hello my healthy bodied friends, happy weekend to you all!

Easter is now well and truly over and before we know it Christmas will be knocking on the door…crazy stuff.

Easter time in Australia always brings about a seasonal change where the temps drop and you can feel Winter peering over the fence. This makes it so much harder to say goodbye to your bed in the mornings as you pull yourself out from under the doona and face the dark mornings but such a grateful feeling if you build the courage to do so.

You would think getting up early for a workout becomes second nature if you’ve done it over and over…well, I don’t mean to burst your bubble but it doesn’t.  I had a good 20 years of alarm wake ups and each were as hard as the previous days so there is no point waiting for it to magically seem welcome, especially during winter.

It can be a huge mind game to actually react positively to the alarm. I bet the first thing that most of you do is look for excuses, excuses why you need to stay in bed, I know, we all do it but if you have a few reasons why you should get out of bed up your sleeve it can make a huge difference.

Keep these mind next time your alarm goes off

+ Seeing the sunrise never grows old, it is the one of life’s simple pleasures

+ You get to wear those sexy workout leggings AND look sexy in your skinny jeans

+ Know that you are in the minority and to be different to everyone else you have to do things differently.  Being the first footprints on a beach for the day is a special feeling.

+ Most days are spent indoors during the cooler months so it is nice to actually get out and get some fresh air before the day begins

+ Staying active helps sparks the immune system cells so it helps to fight off colds and flus

+ While your warming up you’ll burn more energy to try and stay warm

+ Instead of craving stodgy comfort foods you’ll feel like healthier choices

So, yes there are ways to help overcome the feeling like you are waking in the middle of the night, but don’t talk yourself out of it, talk yourself into it and give yourself a purpose to kick the covers

So, what works for you…what get you out of bed…or what’s the lamest excuse you’ve given yourself to stay in bed.

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