My Fefol photoshoot

photo - My Fefol photoshoot

Long days have been theme of the week here.  Funny how life plays out, when it rains it hails, and just as I’m trying to free up a little extra time for myself it’s taken with something else…but something exciting so who’s complaining?!!

Yesterday I flew down to Sydney’s northern beaches for a day of filming and photo’s for Fefol as I fulfil the role as new ambassador for the product.  This is the first time Pharmacare has taken the step to market the product as such so I was thrilled to be involved in this process.  It all makes sense really with my past life as an ÏRONwoman” who has actually taken this product throughout my career and pregnancies to be now endorsing it!

PicMonkey+Collage - My Fefol photoshoot

From the moment I arrived the day was planned out with café scenes having a coffee with friends (tough gig) to mocking up grocery run shots. There was a trip to the beach and a gym shoot just to make the whole day more realistic in what I would usually do.

PicMonkey+Collage2 - My Fefol photoshoot

The day finished with some voice overs (for the website vision) and then it was time to hit the road and leg it back to the airport and home.

It can be stressful just because you’re the centre of attention all the time with little down time but I do love being fussed over with hair and makeup at any given chance.

The thing that struck me the most though was how amazing Pharmacare is to its employees.  With an amazing in house gym that provides classes each morning and night. (wellbeing is now part of their KPI ‘s) it is great that the powers above are trying to create a healthy atmosphere not just from the outside looking in but the inside looking out.  I’m stoked to be associated with a company that shares the same values and ‘get it'”.

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