Future trends for energy foods?

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An ad from the 60’ the simplicity!
 I had a little chuckle to myself the other day when while we were waiting for the start of a SUP race, someone pulled out the glucodin tablets.  I hadn’t seen them in years and can remember my mother feeding me these at nipper carnivals as we got towards the end of the day and the twenty millionth race was about to start.
Glucose tablets are 100% exactly that..glucose in it’s simplest form and it probably wouldn’t do anyone any favours unless you needed to replenish your muscle glycogen after a big workout.
I originally laughed just because it brought back memories but then it made me think just how much we have evolved over the years in sports nutrition/energy foods and what it may be like in say another 20 years time.
These days sport nutrition is more creatine, protein focused and I guess in some cases the sugary energy drinks have taken over from the glucose tablets. (which probably give the same result with a little added hydration). But will we really be looking back in another 20 years time and seeing a remarkable change from what the past 20 years in sports nutrition have brought?
I think that we will see more gender specific research come out which targets the female consumer (as most are for males) which taps into the different needs we have.  I also think that at the moment the line is blurring between sports nutrition and wellness, with fitness folk realising that the nutrition you put into your body needs to be scaled back from all the processed powders etc that are out there.  There will be a call for more natural, organic, wholefood drinks and supplements as we understand more about the bigger picture that GMO foods are doing to our bodies.
These are only assumptions though and I only talk from an endurance sport background so it may be different again in the muscle building arena.

What do you think? What do you see as being the next chapter in sports nutrition?

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