How to fit in a workout when you have a busy family

It’s holiday time for a lot of us it gives us the time to take a step back and re-evaluate how 2013 is going and what needs to change heading towards the middle of the year.


For many, it could mean reassessing your fitness goals and putting into place plans to make it work for the coming months.


An opportunity isn’t just going to come and tap you on the shoulder and say ‘Hay, now seems like a good time to get a walk in…” it’s up to you to prioritise it.


I am lucky enough to be a guest blogger over at the fabulous site Planning with Kids today. I first heard of Nicole when I read her book so was I naturally drawn to her blog which is full of fantastic ideas to stay organised. They don’t call her the Planning Queen for nothing!


Anyways if your interested here are my top 8 tips to sneak in exercise around a busy family

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