Healthy snippets that caught my eye this week

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Each week I like to stay connected with the latest and greatest fitness and well being trends through my RSS reader.  There are some weird and wonderful stories that come through, but these are some of the posts that have caught my eye this week.

13 ways to reuse tea bags  Have you ever tried making rice flavoured with tea bags, you should! This post has ideas for used or unused teabags.

Why the fattier peanut butter is actually healthier This one caught my attention because I’m a sucker for a  these kind of story lines.  After reading it I can see why it makes sense but it still steers me towards fresh peanut butter from the health food shop or a fresh batch in the thermomix

Barefoot running can cause injuries too  Really..well I never.  Seriously how do you think you could escape injury by running barefoot. We as humans have evolved and it will take many decades to return to our ancestors!

10 uses for chia seeds And you thought chia seeds were just for puddings and cereal topping.  These little suckers are great just to have in the pantry to use as a substitute for eggs, breadcrumbs and energy gels!

Healthy chocolate recipes With Easter just around the corner, there are some great ideas from Teresa Cutter to help minimise the guilt!

Do you have any favourite sites you follow each week for healthy tips?

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