Online fitness streaming workouts (some are free!)

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It can be hard to stick to a workout plan when life throws you curve balls. Work deadlines, sick kids, and time constraints are valid reasons to NOT make it to the gym or group exercise class so what else is there to help motivate and get you sweaty?
Welcome to the world of web workouts where fitness sites stream content for you like you are actually in the gym environment..well, sort of but without all the other sweaty beings, hassle of driving there and looking remotely presentable.
Just open your laptop, tablet or smartphone and stream away. With some of the sites there is a fee involved but when you weigh this up with potential gym fees/locked in contracts or PT charges it all makes sense. $10 a month is not much to pay really! Often when you buy a DVD it is the same old thing each day but with the content changing most days, sometimes that is enough to prompt curiosity and want to workout!
Here are a few free fitness sites to get you started
BeFit – is a free youtube channel that uploads daily workouts from top trainers including Denise Austin and Jillian Micheals . It also has the channel BeFitin90 which is a free 90 day program of 35 minutes each day of toning and cardio. How awesome is that!
Dailyburn – for $10 a month or $60 for a year, this website offers unlimited access to a great variety of workouts from dance, bodyweight, yoga, kettleball, mobility and cardio blasts. It is like having your own PT trainer in your laptop! I would suggest that you have some sort of fitness before starting these workouts as early fatigue could lead to poor form and injury.
FitnessGlo – at $12 a month I would say this is a program suited towards those wanting to just get moving and on the road to fitness again. Whether it’s a beginning class to start your fitness journey, a strength class to find your inner power or an all-around power class that gives you cardio, strength and stretching this could be the place for you! Some cool dance workouts with funky moves..
YogaGlo – $18 a month. If you have done yoga before in a class situation then this could be for you. A specialised yoga program with an array of different classes to choose from that are filmed from behind just like you are in the back row. Again, poor form will not be picked up by your virtual teacher which is why I suggest you know the basics first.
Streamfit – from $9.99 a month is one for the guys. With some hard core looking workouts with sandbags these are short, fast paced resistance training exercises that will sculpt muscles from over 150 classes to choose from
DoYogaWithMe – is a free (YAH) online website. Whether you are new to yoga or have a couple dozen classes under your belt, this is the best place for you to start. Yoga has a unique way of strengthening and toning your body, improving flexibility and enhancing your sense of well being. With specific 15 minute classes or 100+ minute all over body practises this is a pretty awesome collection.
This is one of the positives the internet has promoted a healthier lifestyle and for once you won’t feel guilty for plonking yourself in front of a computer screen! Enjoy.
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