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The feeling that you never ever ever had before

With full intentions of doing a post on our family Christmas and the shenanigans we got up to, it is well and truly old news…

Ella’s first surf from Ironmum Karla on Vimeo.

We have been having waaayyy too much fun at the beach these last couple of days and with compulsory nanna naps after lunch it has felt like a perfect staycation if I ever did have one!

What did happen today was way more news worthy.  Something I have been secretly holding out to see since she was born 5 years ago…Ella’s first proper surf on a big girl board, and she mastered it!

I am still a little bit shocked at how easy she made it look.  Usually it has been in Ella’s nature to, well, let’s just say, lacks a little tenacity….BUT I think it’s because she hasn’t really found something she has truly enjoyed doing…until today!

I was just standing on the sidelines with Summer while Andrew was doing all the guiding onto waves.  The look on her face when she nailed a good wave with a thumbs up bought a tear to my eyes and just one of those moments that is etched in my mind forever!

Ella’s first surf from Ironmum Karla on Vimeo.

The dream of going surfing together one day just got one step closer! Fun times….x

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