8 tips to help your family stay healthy in the festive season

It’s official, Summer is here and with that comes the festive season with plenty of BBQ’s and catching up with friends.

In the centre of all these festivities is food, and plenty of it. No wonder we all have fitness resolutions come January 1st…

With all the social eating taking a toll on our waistlines, it also acts as a double whammy and cuts into our normal routines. Late nights and afternoon BBQs leave little time for exercise. Our poor children end up being carted from one shindig to another, resulting in a lack of sleep or downtime. Nutritious meals are replaced with unhealthy snacks and then we’re left wondering why we feel so stressed and fatigued!!

I posted over at Kidspot Village Voices with helpful advice to help your family’s diet and lifestyle stay on track during the festive season, so come on over and read my 8 top tips.

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