The ONE post about ‘him’

My husband doesn’t feature much on here..let’s just say he gets a little embarrassed by the whole idea of being the center of any attention.  BUT, in saying that I just couldn’t let today’s event slide without so much of a mention on my blog.. because I am so damn proud!

Andrew comes from the country and grew up playing rugby union so it’s pretty much polar opposites of what I grew up doing.  When we first met, he moved to the coast and it was here that he was introduced to the ocean and his ocean endeavour

Our first outing on a ski was quite a few years ago BC (before children) and I do remember him feeling quite anxious as we were paddling out to sea (and sighting some marine life).  I loved seeing him out of his comfort zone, but I also knew that it would be a feeling he would chase again.  It progressed from many spills to gaining enough balance to ride waves which was a big achievement in itself.

Today Andrew competed in his first ever ocean ski race.  It was not a huge swell but the winds were side on and enough to challenge even the best.  With a few little tricks of the trade under his belt (waxing ski seat, getting suncream off hands with dry sand) he was all set to go in the 10km event

To be honest I thought he would finish back further than he did so it was a great effort to beat many others had had previous race experience. More than anything, I just loved the fact that he pushed himself out of his comfort zone and gave it a go.  It was nice being on the beach supporting him, rather than it being the other way around and he inspired me more than he will ever know.x

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