My interview with Shannan Ponton from ‘the biggest loser’

ponton - My interview with Shannan Ponton from 'the biggest loser'
Were you a fan of the TV show “the biggest loser?” this season?

There was some pretty impressive results in regards to weightloss and one half of the team responsible for this was personal trainer Shannan Ponton.  I am sure you all know who he is, he has the perve factor that I’m sure many females tune in each week to watch.

An opportunity came up for me to conduct a quick little interview with Shannon to find out a little about his own exercise and healthy eating habits, some that I thought would be great for all of us to learn something from.

Q + A with Shannan Ponton

1. You add a lot of cross-training to your sessions. Why is this and why should others do it?

: High-intensity workouts like my cross-training sessions burn calories, which makes you leaner. But they also allow you to reap the rewards of improved muscle tone and strength from the resistance component. You have to keep your heart rate above 150 bpm for the session to be effective.

2. What are your top tips to lose the last 5kg?

SP: The last 5kg are the hardest. You have to make the necessary sacrifices to get there. It’s not always fair, it means doing more and being absolutely perfect with your eating and exercise. All those little sneaky chocolates and things have to go! But don’t let yourself down. Lay it all on the line and have an all-out crack at achieving your personal goal.

3. What would you say to anyone feeling a little overwhelmed with starting on their own weightless journey?

SP: All journeys start with a single step. You have to make a series of good choices. Wake up early and train. Eat a healthy breakfast. Eventually you’ll find that these become positive habits that themselves are hard to break.

4. Biggest mistake you have seen people make with their diets?

SP: When people eat well and train their guts out all week and then let the whole thing go at the weekend.

5. List your 5 favourite snacks on the go.

1. Chicken kebab, no bread

2. Quarter of a chicken with Greek salad

3. Low-carb protein bar

4. 1 piece of low GI fruit

5. The ultimate—a small can of tuna

6. Here’s the scenario: you have a spare hour for a quick workout—what is your favourite session?

SP: Without doubt, a boxing session with my trainer.

7. You have developed a series of exercises for the ‘Shannan Ponton Fast Track Challenge’ with The Biggest Loser Club. Can you tell us about them and at whom they are targeted?

SP: My exclusive exercise programs for my Challenges are designed to build healthy, athletic bodies regardless of your starting point. They are for everyone of all shapes and sizes. They include all the key elements of a good training program: endurance, hi-intensity intervals, strength, resistance and fat-burning. They are graded in intensity so you finish stronger, leaner and fitter than when you started.

And he has kindly given me The Biggest Loser Express kit valued at $149, to giveaway!

loser - My interview with Shannan Ponton from 'the biggest loser'

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