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Inspiration is everywhere, EVERYWHERE I tell you.  It really does make the world go around with social media taking a lot of the accolade.  We have all become a lot more aware of the things around us through the connection of facebook, twitter, blogs, youtube, pinterest and instagram.  It really doesn’t take much hunting around to instigate a bit of creativity or stimulate a change.

Instagram is a great place to start and full of inspiration.  And I am not just talking the inspirational quotes that so freely flood our world these days but people that talk the talk and walk the walk.  Healthy, fit, body mind and soul kinda folk that we could all take a little from each day. The caped crusaders that are out there spreading the ‘do yourself a favour’ love.

Here some fun instagrammers that inspire my feed

+ @Karenakatrina  – personal trainers, best friends and fitness models

+ @Stuftmama – with twin toddlers this fit mama is great ambassador to any mum out there!

+ @Lornajaneactive – daily doses of fitspiration in style!

+ @Nutritionguide – weightloss is starts in the kitchen..need I say more?

+ @Girlonraw – raw food chef, mummy and aussie abroad.

+ @Fitmum – vicki has the right idea and shares her fit travels through instagram

+ @Lululemon – share the way they see the world

+ @Womenshealthmag – the going ons inside a health and fitness magazine publication

+ @Shapeup2012 – A random I found that has all the ingredients I love.

and then there is always me under the username of @karlagilbert.

pic via shapeup2012 instagram feed

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