Goodbye old recipe file..hello virtual recipe book


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If your a foodie and love scrolling the internet for inspiring recipe and ideas, then this cool little gadget is for you!

My bookmarks bar and internet favourites had gotten to the ‘choc a bloc’ stage full of websites with recipe ideas I must try ‘one day’.  Not much else could be said for my recipe file in the kitchen.  Full of one crumpled page printouts with food stains or water marks that made it hard to find anything in a hurry.

That is until I stumbled across Ziplist, an online recipe box where you can store all your favourite recipes by clipping them from internet sites that you happen to come across.  It has a feature very much like the Pinterest ‘pin it’ button where you can simply clip (once you have dragged a link to your bookmark toolbar) any webpage and it will automatically search and save the ingredients, method, photos and website to your own virtual recipe book.  Ziplist does have it’s own database of more than 600,000 recipes as well as those submitted by it’s community.
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What makes it even better is that there is also a free app from itunes that you can download to your iphone or ipad to make your personal recipe book accessible everywhere!  You can also clip recipes (it works from pinterest as well) from your other devices by installing a recipe clipper.

This is how to download the clipper to your other devices

+ Once you have installed the bookmark in the safari browser on your desktop/laptop computer. Open iTunes and connect your iphone or ipod touch with your computer.

+ In your itunes program, select your device from the left-hand sidebar and click the ‘Info’ tab.

+ Scroll to ‘web browser’ and check ‘sync safari bookmarks’.

+ Lastly, click ‘sync’ to sync the bookmarks between safari on your device and safari on your computer.

Just be aware that it will download all your bookmarks from your desktop though.  Then you are all set to access and clip your recipes from anywhere.

My ‘everything in order’ personality has done backflips over this little find, so apologies to the traditional recipe books, for now I will be heading over here to store all my food fantasies.

How do you file your recipes? Do you think you could ever leave behind the old hardcopy files?
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