Guest post: great weight loss and fitness apps for the busy mum

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When you have a family to take care of, sometimes keeping fit and healthy is the last thing that crosses your mind. It can be difficult to maintain an active lifestyle or keep track of weight loss when you have to keep track of your family too, but thankfully the technology gods have blessed us with some great apps that can help you get on top of your health and fitness goals. Here’s a few of my favourite apps for busy mums who want to keep healthy.MyFitnessPalWho says calorie counting should be a chore?

Simply click and add your food item from the app’s expansive database (and it really is expansive – I have yet to come across a food that is not listed) and let the app do all the hard work for you. Aside from food intake, MyFitnessPal also allows you to track exercise, providing a guestimate of the calories burnt, depending on a range of factors including length of exercise, your height and weight. More importantly, the app comes available for use on your iPhone, iPad and Android – meaning I have no excuse not to track my exercise as soon as I’ve jumped off that treadmill at Fitness First!

Fitocracy If you love bragging to your friends about how many push-ups you managed to squeeze out at the health club the night before (one handed, of course), then have I got the app for you! Fitocracy allows you to quantify your workouts using a points based system and then lets you rub your friends faces in it afterwards (if you so wish, of course). You can do everything from join mum groups, follow your friends and even compete against complete strangers. If motivation is what you seek, then this app may be the one for you.C25K– I recommend this app for beginner runners who would like to ease their way into running. This app basically spells out everything you need to do with pre-set training schedule with varying exercises (such as run, jog, walk) and prescribed times for each. There’s no guesswork here; all you have to do is click “go” and let the app tell you what your workout session has in store for you today.


Nike+ – For slightly more serious runners, the Nike+ app allows you keep track of distance travelled and time through the use of GPS. The app also includes important features such as music and Facebook integration (friends can literally cheer you on while you run). It also keeps track of your previous runs as well as weather conditions so you can keep tabs on how you are progressing.


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So with the plethora of fitness apps out there, what are you waiting for? Download now and start exercising away today!

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