QLD sup titles 2012

Our long weekend has been a bit of a write off weather wise, with freezing temps and rain every day!  It is winter, in every sense of the word, just begging you to wrap up in a blankie and sip skinny hot chocolates in front of the TV.

Nah, that would be boring….

The QLD SUP titles were held for the first time and I was proud to be a competitor in this ever expanding sport.  Sure, the weather could have been a bit kinder to us, but we all braved the elements and tested our abilities.

On the Saturday was the 17 km downwind and creek paddle, which was going to be the furthest I have ever paddled standing up. EVER.  I didn’t want to think about it too much and thought I would just tackle the pain and last few kilometres when I came to it.  Phew, it was a toughie and I finished in 3rd place in 2.04 hours. Every muscle in my body was aching..

There was no time to be sore and sorry as the technical sprint race was on Sunday morning.  This is a 5 km race in and out through the surf, it really tests surf skills on the boards plus fitness combined.  With only a few sessions up my sleeve for this type of racing I was so pleased to come out runner up in this event. It was great fun, and can’t wait to do another.  Much prefer this to the distance racing!

So apparently, I am now off to the National titles in August, which is something I certainly didn’t think I would be doing at the start of the year when I entered my first race.  Better brace myself for more chilly mornings ahead…

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