A training diary flashback…

Ok, I have to say the most asked question I get about my sporting career as an Ironwoman was “How much  did I use to train?”  Actually I will rephrase that, it is more like a stating of the obvious, people  say to me ‘Gee, you must have trained a lot“.  “Ummm yes, that would be the case” I say to myself before I prattle off a typical week to them.

It was my job, a profession, where I used to call the beach my office.  There wasn’t a lot of depth in the prize money though so it was only the top 1 or 2 that could make a comfortable living from the sport, which in turn attracted the most attention to gain sponsorship dollars.

Needless to say I was dedicated, and my coach of 10 years has often said that unless I was REALLY sick, then I never missed a session.  This means 3 sessions a day, 6 days a week and around 45 weeks a year. I hated the thought of missing an opportunity.

I loved my job though and was a dream lifestyle for any 20 something year old.  Travelling the world, visiting amazing beaches and countries and leading a fit and healthy lifestyle.

I have kept a training diary of all my years competing professionally, there are about 12 in total I counted.  I thought I would share a week from the diary of my last year of competition to give you an idea of what I used to do.  Tiredness was an occupational hazard, but a small price to pay for the rewards.

And Sunday was a lovely big walk used as active recovery.  This of course is a training week (training for sprint style races around 15 mins) where there were no comps leading into the weekend….  Oh how I loved taper weeks!  So there you have it, this of course also included the weekly massage, oestopath and nightly stretching and abdominal exercises.Now, you understand why getting up in the morning and doing just 1 hour a day of exercise is no big deal to me these days!

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