Looking hot when it’s cold outside!

I have been quite a sight at my morning workouts of late, I absolutely demise feeling cold and will do anything in my power to keep warm.  This does not necessarily mean I am making a fashion statement by any means, ooooh no!.  The main objective is to block out the chill but still be able to somewhat achieve a training session without feeling like the michelin man!

Apart from running, standup paddling with a local group has brought out my finest getup.  On go the boots, gloves, beenie, wetsuit tights, singlet and thermal top.  This is all good of course as long as there is no tippage into the water!  I do warm up eventually and I end up with a little pile on the beach at the end of the session.

In the spirit of looking good this winter, I found some cute little pieces that would go down very well with anyone brave enough to endure a winter workout.

blog1 - Looking hot when it's cold outside!

 Oh how hot are these long sleeve tees from Lululemon . Perfect with the built in gloves!

Untitled 2 - Looking hot when it's cold outside!

I love tights and have been know to wear them all day long, how nice are these from Lorna Jane?
Untitled 3 - Looking hot when it's cold outside!
The extremities can’t be forgotten and with neck warmers, nonslip socks and gloves, it should make for one toasty little workout!
What do you wear to keep warm during winter workouts?  Do you have any quirky little fashions you would like to share?
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