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How Parenting Can Affect Your Eating Habits in a Positive Way

parenting eating influences
Motherhood affects our lives in so many different ways, our bodies change, sleep patterns change, responsibilities creep in, and selfish ways are kicked to the kerb.  Another factor that can either be positive or negative is the way it affects our waistline…I have always been super aware of what goes into my body, it was ingrained in me from a young age and something I had to be aware of throughout my sporting career.  In saying this though I do think that the introduction of kidlets has improved our household eating habits.

Pre-kids we used to have the sneaky packet of coco pops that my husband used to like to sprinkle on his weetbix in the mornings.  Stirfry’s used to make up the majority of nightly dinners (lack of variety) and we could easily go a day without fruit if the fridge was bare.

Since the girls have come along, I have found that not only am I watching out for what they are eating, but I’m paying much more attention to my own diet as well.  I like to act as a role model and I don’t like to have double standards, so it is a case of doing as I do when it comes to health and fitness.

I try and pay more attention to always have fresh fruits and vegetables in the house. Having a snack of fresh fruit in the morning or afternoon is a good habit for all of us.  Having a variety in the fridge so the girls eat a wide variety of tastes, textures and nutrients have become something I now pay more attention to.

The little treats have slowly been phased out because having it around means that our kids will always be asking for it.  Once you have little ones looking up to you to set the example, it really makes you realise things you may be doing that aren’t very healthy.

My cooking skills definitely have gone up a notch and I know that variety and presentation are a major player if you want meals to be a hit.

Of course, having kids can send us the other way if we give in to what they prefer to eat and don’t keep the fridge and pantry stocked up.  Planning and preparation are other big factors that can help when it comes to healthy eating.


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