What’s in our sports drinks?

Seemingly innocent neon coloured bottles jumping out at you from well-stocked convenience store and supermarket fridges are a major contributor to the sugar overload many of our bodies are being subjected to.

Australians have jumped off their couches, they’re pounding the pavement, working out at gyms and taking exercise more seriously than ever before. But, are the sports drinks they use to rehydrate actually undoing all the good work?  Most commonly consumed sports drinks contain high levels of sugar which can not only be counter productive to rehydrating, they actually add calories when most people are attempting to reduce them.

We are often blissfully unaware of the high levels of sugar they are consuming in our sports drinks. Paying closer attention to labels reveals many big brand sports drinks contain up to three or more times the amount of sugar required to rehydrate and some also throw in caffeine and other stimulant additives which can interfere with the body’s ability to recover from, or prevent sport related dehydration.

So just how much sugar are we consuming in sports drinks?: The typical sports drink contains between 6 and 8% sugar, so if you take an average week for an active Australian who exercises roughly 3 times and throw in a 600 ml sports drink per session (that’s about 100 to 140g of sugar per week or 25 – 35 teaspoons!!), you’ve added the equivalent of 3 to 4 chocolate bars!

DSC08174 - What's in our sports drinks?

However there are some good choices out there, one being coconut water which is a great natural thirst quencher and another is Hydralyte Sports.

Hydralyte Sports is a new clinical rehydration product that is suitable for both elite athletes and recreational sports people. This breakthrough formula has been specifically developed to assist with the rehydration process by rapidly replacing fluid and minerals to keep the body hydrated and in turn, prevent compromising sports performance. Hydralyte Sports contains 2% sugar, (as glucose), which is ideal for rehydration – while friendly to your waist-line.

Hydralyte Sports is the ultimate companion for any athlete or exercise enthusiast to assist with hydration during physical activity. Hydralyte SportsTM is available in single serve sachets and comes in two flavours – Orange and Lemon Lime in a convenient 5-pack (RRP$19.95) or 12-pack ($39.95). Boasting innovative packaging, the 5 packs come in a handy and reusable sport case that is perfect for storing your keys, phone, cards and cash.  Hydralyte Sports is available at leading pharmacies nationally.


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