Fun weekend frivolities

Finally we were blessed with a gorgeous weekend just gone.  Doesn’t day after day of unwelcome weather just make you appreciate the good days?

We basically were at it hammer and tong (is that the saying?) with activity and just getting ‘stuff’ done around the house. Like madmen I tell ya!

The perfect autumn days also made room for a boat trip to the beach with some frivolous activity thrown in….

While dad bought the girls down in the boat I left a little earlier and had a bit of a play…the waves were up so I took shelter in the creek mouth and mucked up in the swell.

After a play at the beach it was time to head home again, and thanks to the help of the trusty tinny, a bit of a washride and special treat for Ella having her first ‘tow’.

Each day I seem to go to bed absolutely knackered but isn’t that what it is all about?  I think my kids have retaught me that one!

What is something kids have taught you or reminded you of doing lately?

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