The hidden meaning of illness

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You might wonder if I have gone all a bit spacey with this post but do you often wonder if being ill or injured shows that something we are doing, thinking or feeling is not working and is creating resistance?

I do…

Carol Ritberger Ph.D. puts it into more context

Illness holds beneath its symptoms hidden meanings, that reveal what we must do if we are to restore balance and good health. Tension takes form as an energetic pre-illness and expresses itself through energy blockages which create the physical discomfort and pain associated with body tension.

Energetic congestion creates psychological feelings of being stuck, paralyzed by fear, and mentally confused. Depletion creates the physical sensations of being drained, tired and exhausted. If these pre-illnesses are not dealt with on an energetic level or a psychological level, then the potential for the creation of illness in the physical body increases significantly“*

It is easy to see illness as serving no purpose but shouldn’t it be seen as an alarm bell to improve something?

To help draw a clearer picture of what I am on about, let’s look at some of the most common illnesses and their hidden meaning behind them.

Heart Disease is associated with people who tend to over commit and push themselves too hard. They struggle with never having enough time to do all the tasks on their plate and are burdened with the responsibility of taking care of other people. These people are always stressed, pressed for time, and rushing too much. They suffer from an urgency addiction and keep their body in a prolonged state of fight-or-flight stress reaction”.*

Food Allergies begins with a change in the intestines and are brought about by chronic ph imbalances in the digestive tract. A diet balanced in acid and alkaline foods helps manage food allergies as does eating foods compatible with your blood type. Food allergies are related to habitual feeling of low self-esteem, being emotionally overly sensitive, and the chronic need to please others. They can be also brought about by sustained feelings of being out of control.” *
An increased intake of dark green leafy vegetables helps keep the liver functioning properly and assists in maintaining a healthy ph balance in the digestive tract. Foods rich in alkaline are beneficial, as are red fruits and vegetables. The root cause of these chronic infections are anger, resentment, feelings of hate, and the excessive tendency of being emotionally out-of-control and emotionally volatile. Chronic sinus infections represent the suppression of intuition.”*It all comes down to unblocking the stagnant energy in one’s body…to see health from a more holistic point of view…

So I’m putting it out there?  Do you think this type of thinking has any kind of merit in it?

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