Everything is connected..

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Do you find, like me everything is connected?

When you are exercising regularly you choose healthier food options which gets you fired up to want to exercise again.  You reward your exercise efforts by heading out and buying some new clothes to fit the fab fit body of yours and then everything else around you seems to fall into place.

The ripple effect takes charge, the positive energy leaks into every other part of our lives.

I have been a little out of sorts these last couple of days, trying to knock a throat infection over but how my energy levels have dropped is amazeballs. My morning exercise usually sets the tone for the day, sure I am not meant to be jumping with energy while I am recovering but I am just itching to start my day on a positive note.

This can relate to anything, any goal whether it is commitment to share more time with family or start a saving up for a holiday – to improve your day and your life you can start on any positive path which will leak into your other plans, everything is connected. Look for the opportunities and run with them, in most cases time will never repeat itself.

The key is to keep paying attention to all aspects of life, if one part collapses, it is so easy for the towel to be thrown in and for life to spiral downwards.  One small step can lead to so many on going positive effects, just keep trying to tap along – life was meant to be challenging…

Am I the only crazy one that finds this true?  Ok don’t answer that one….

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