Have you introduced yourself to the extra 10%?

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On the weekend I travelled to the Sunshine Coast to watch the final race of the Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Ironman and Ironwoman Series.

The conditions at Noosa were stifling hot, and flat surf but plenty of crowds and excitement, being the final race of the series.  (Anyone who doesn’t know what Ironman racing is, it is a surf orientated sport that involves running, swimming, board paddling and ski paddling, all put together in the one race. It is a hard slog).

I watched the girls race from the beach and yeh, sure I did get that itching feeling to be out there racing but I also know the commitment and sacrifices that it takes to be the best in a professional sport.  If you want to just make up the numbers, that is fine, but to be the best you have to train the best and this takes 110% of your effort.

Noosa was a perfect example of spotlighting this fact, the conditions were not going to necessarily bring forth the best surf athlete but the fittest and most focused.  The one that had been doing all the little things well.  Small things like arriving to swimming 10 minutes earlier to stretch, busting your gut to get over that wave in training, or extra abdominals at night.  Doing the above the ordinary to be extraordinary.

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It is all about standing on that start line knowing that you have left no stone unturned and have complete confidence in your abilities.  Trusting your capabilities.  If you have been a little lacklustre with missing sessions, this is when you will be eaten alive, there is no hiding now.

You reap what you sow…..and this relates to all aspects of life.  In business, perhaps it could relate to you doing extra study or providing a service to a client over and above of what is expected.  In our personal life it could be saving that $5 each day by not buying a coffee so you can fulfill that dream of buying a house down the track.  It is the small sacrifices that shape our larger actions, the ripple effect.

I love the saying, there is no traffic jam on that extra mile, and why not, that’s when it all becomes easy!

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