5 ways to help get our bodies singing

I ramble on about the benefits of healthy eating and yummy recipes that make our bodies sing because, well, to me it’s research, something I love sharing. So to kickstart the new year in I have devised a list of everyday snacks and meals to help you get back on track. They are all quite straight forward but sometimes we all need reminders and gentle prods this time of the year!<

We all know we should eat more fruit and veges and drink more water but some days can make it all seem too much…Why don’t you get your taste buds jumping for joy and jazz things up a notch.

When I say ‘snacks’ I mean small portions – as they can easily turn into a meal if you go overboard! And of course it is fine if you want to turn them into main meals, just be wary.

These are my top 5 ways to make everyday foods a little more interesting

1. Make boring food fun with dip

Carrot sticks, celery sticks, rice crackers, grissini sticks, all taste great dipped in hummus, tatziki  or any other low fat dip.  Look at the labels and make sure it is under the 1-2 grams of fat per 100gms.

2. Add some zing to your water

I personally find it hard to down water frequently during the day. Add slices of lemons, orange, berries or mint to jugs of water in keep in the fridge.  Cool green tea or English tea in the fridge and add lemon juice for a refreshing pick me up. Lots of cool ideas here

3. Bulk up your salads


Salads are not just as side orders.  Use them as main when tricked up with some pre-roasted pumpkin, sweet potato or beetroot.  Feta cheese, haloumi cheese and pine nuts also can give your salad some substance. Make your own tiny croutons minus the butter when baking or mix with like my bright and happy quinoa salad.  Remember to stay away from the oily dressings!!

4. Think ahead


If you know you are going to be away from home for a while so make sure you don’t leave yourself high and dry with takeaway the only option.  Create your own snacks with trail mixes, dried fruit, fresh fruit cubes, nuts or cans of tuna.  Rice crackers are easy as are vege sticks.

5. Antipasto anyone?

Grab some olives, cherry tomatoes, marinated veges like eggplant, capsicum, mushroom, artichokes (in vinegar not oil) and enjoy a nutritious luxurious snack.

What is your favourite low fat snack attack?  Is your diet ready for a bit of overhauling after the Christmas feasting?

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