Oh Santa, you haven’t changed one little bit!

It was raining in our parts on Saturday morning so we decided (as did the rest of the coast) to visit the shops with the kids and see how busy Santa was.  I wasn’t planning on doing a Myer photo this year but somehow we ended up there AND sitting on Santa’s knee AND riding the train AND buying the photo…man..they are good!  It is not called the ‘photo factory’ for nothing, they were choofing out photos like it was nobody’s business.

My youngest didn’t take to Santa too well, even though I was sitting right next to her.  This was the only shot that she was looking at the camera…it will be so precious in a few years to come.

The girls first Christmas photo together

The whole experience got me thinking about how we have progressed through the years at Christmas time.  A lot of things have changed, and then there are so many that haven’t.  I pulled out my Christmas photo taken when I was about 20 months old with my dad and brother.  Poor old Santa’s chair wasn’t too grand (is that cardboard under the chair feet?) and my dad is perched on a camping fold out.  This was Myer in the 70’s – late 70’s thankyou!

Then I look at my dad, he hasn’t changed much, still looks the same with his super fit legs, still wears his old shorts AND still wears them even though they have holes in them (and that’s only half the story)

Myer Santa in the late 70’s – me with my brother and dad

But in saying this, good old Santa hasn’t succumb to the pressure of moving with time – he is still how I knew him all those years ago, same suit, beard and willingness to keep the Christmas spirit alive for all the little kiddies around the world!

Do you remember sitting on Santa’s knee when you were little?  What are your memories of years gone by?

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