Low Fat Yoghurt Berry Tiramisu

berry+copy - Low Fat Yoghurt Berry Tiramisu


My space here is all about keeping a healthy lifestyle, finding the balance with family and looking after ourselves.  In keeping with this theme, I set out to try and find healthy wholefood treats that suit the season.  It is not an easy feat let me tell you.  

Then I remembered a friend once bought a dessert to our house last year and it was D.E.V.I.N.E. What made it even better was that it was low in fat but still rich and creamy.  I present to you low fat berry tiramisu, pleased to meet you, don’t mind if I do…(sorry got a bit carried away with my rhyming words;)

Low Fat Yoghurt Berry Tiramisu

DSC06641 - Low Fat Yoghurt Berry Tiramisu


+ 1 x 500gm packet of sponge finger biscuits
+ 300gm of mixed berries frozen or fresh
+ 2 x 720gm Natural pot set yogurt 
+ 1 x block of Lindt dark peppermint chocolate
+ fresh mint leaves

1.  Layer your dish with sponge finger biscuits to line the bottom

DSC06670 - Low Fat Yoghurt Berry Tiramisu

2. Dollop yogurt layer over the top of biscuits then finely grated chocolate and berries

3.  Repeat to fill the dish, with the top layer finish with yogurt, finely grated chocolate and mint leaves to garnish.  Passionfruit is optional here.

4.  The sponge finger biscuits absorb a lot of the yogurt so don’t be put off by the amount, and make it at least 4 hours before you intend on serving it so that it has time to settle.  It is that easy!!

DSC06677 - Low Fat Yoghurt Berry Tiramisu

So do you have a healthier version of an old classic dessert? or christmas treat for that matter, I would love to hear it!

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