Lazy beach mornings…..

Finally, a lazy weekend came around for us to enjoy time at home pottering around.  It was a corker of a day on Sunday so we scuttled off to the beach early and and basked in the sun.

We organised to meet some friends while were there which is always nice –  kids + playing with friends = happy, parents + catching up with friends = double happy!

I caught some moments on camera, sorry to rub it in if you had miserable weather in your parts,(lets just imagine you were there and get lost in the photos for a few minutes). Oh, doesn’t it make you just want to jump right on in to the clear waters?

It was such a clear day, water was sparkling
A little pond had formed from the high tide
Shark rock they call it….wonder why?
Fishies galore in the shallows
These guys have the best real estate in the area, waiting for the fishermen to come back in…
love these moments when the camera is nearby
a worn out mamma and ‘glowing’ daughter x

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