Are you feeling stressed yet? Let’s take some time

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Does this sound familiar to you at the moment?

Finding gift buying a little stressful, 
Rushing around trying to be in two places at once 
Not wanting to attend certain events but feeling obliged
Waiting in long line-ups and traffic jams
Not having a special someone to share Christmas 
Dealing with ratty kids that just don’t ‘get it’

If you uncover holiday stresses, there are thoughts and attitudes which trigger feelings – both positive and negative emotions. Worrying about being late for an event while stuck in a traffic jam or long shop line-ups can lead to anger and frustration. Resisting attending a Christmas party triggers resentment. Judgment of an irritating relative creates hostility. To stay relaxed and feel good during this time of the year just requires us to reshift our perspectives.

I used to be well in tune with my emotions while I was competing, they could make or break a good race if I didn’t stay in control – and there are some really good points from these experiences that I have taken into everyday life….

The best way to do this is by not getting any preconceived ideas – be open to the fact that things are going to be out of our control at the moment, and flexibility is what is needed to keep us sane.  Accept situations for what they are and try and keep some normality in your own life doing the basic things that make YOU happy.

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When I get stressed it is easy for exercise and diet be the first to suffer, but I now read the signs and make sure they are the first to resort to when under the pump.  You can leave the house with a world of problems but after a run or swim they just don’t seem to matter.  Eating badly just perpetuates the problem and starts a snowball effect, so be mindful of not mindlessly grazing on junk!

When you are feeling a little overwhelmed during the next few weeks try some of my favourite distressing tips

BREATHE – no really – breathe, consciously with thought and effort – focusing on the rising and falling of the chest.  My business partner is a Chi Gong expert and taught me a lot about the breath and how something so unconsciously simple can relax us instantly.

Learn to say no – you really can’t please everyone this time of the year and explain this when the occasion arises that you have to turn something down

See the humorous side of things – don’t take yourself too seriously and laugh at yourself when you muck up.  Lighten the situation and things will flow a lot freer

Make a list of the things you have to do and ‘tree it’ pretend you are putting it in a tree and walk away, leaving your worries behind.

Don’t take on board other bad stress or energies – be supportive but mindful of keeping your own boundaries.

Put your family first – they are the most important part of your life and happiness starts at home. Discuss your problems and find out ways to work together in achieving them.

How are you going for this time of the year? How do you keep it together?

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